Dino Storm Hacking Tool - August Update 2014

     Dino Storm is a free-to-play browser MMORPG from Splitscreen Studios. This highly unique game brings players into an American Western setting, but with a genre-bending twist: you will play as a cowboy armed with a laser gun who rides a dinosaur.
     Gold has been discovered in DinoVille, and you play as a brave ranger traveling there to seek your fortune. Journey through a dusty 3D western world, facing off against hordes of robber bands and giant dinosaurs. Along the way, you’ll be able to set up camps and military outposts, and find gold veins to plunder, but prepared to defend them. If you can survive the grueling journey, you just might become sheriff of DinoVille!

Dino Storm Hacking Tool v135.016.005

What Can Dino Storm Hack do?
- adds Dino Dollars
- adds Gold Coins

Hack info:
     Today, we completed the work on the “Dino Storm” hack. We encountered many problems among the way, but we were able to write a working program “Dino Storm Hack v135.016.005". Let’s get to the point. Dino Storm Cheat & Hack can add to your user account: Gold Coins & Dino Dollars. With this hack the game is much fun! “Gold Coins” will allow you to get all paid items in the game, and “Dino Dollars” will allow you to shop! Dino Storm looks nice, and the gameplay is quite large. Our program has been ​​solid made and there should be no errors.

Dino Storm Hack Trainer Cheat Tool

 In case if you downloaded the hack and the script of the game is changing we pun an update button so that you can always have the working and the latest version of our hack!!!


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